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Celebrating the 33rd anniversary of Salman Khan's birth: SK producer and director said Bollywood’s Piper

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Friday, 27th August 2021

It was followed by All Time Blockbuster, Maine Pyar Kiya, directed by Sooraj Barjatya in December 1989. Their 33-year journey is like a roller coaster ride. Few people in Bollywood history have seen the kind of success that Salman has achieved - from delivering all kinds of blockbusters, to having the most annual box office films, he has just about every movie. The main record is in your name.

One of the directors with whom he has collaborated the most is David Davan, the king of comedy. The two have worked on hit films such as Judwaa, Biwi No. 1, Dulhan Hum Le Jayenge, Mujhse Shaadi Karogi, and Partner. David said: "Before actors and superstars, it was human Salman Khan. He is a great man, very honest, clean, and doesn't like people trying to flatter him."

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David’s writing partner Rumi Jia Rumy Jafry continues to instruct Salman to tell that God Tussi Great Ho cannot stop talking about him. The human side of superstars. "He has been doing good deeds since the 90s, and he often gets angry when people talk about it. I remember an actor accident in the city he saw when he was traveling. When there was no one to help, he stopped there and took that person Brought to the hospital, did all the paperwork to admit them, realized that his family had gone to his house, and took them to the hospital," Rumy shared. He has another anecdote from Devdas, but little is known.

"When a wing of a fan fell on a child at the scene, Devdas had an accident. This was filmed by Bhansali, but Salman arrived on set and took the child to hospital. The child was in a coma for several months, but Salman finished. . healed and took care of everything, "recalled Lamy.

He became a superstar, but his performance was so exceptional. You can do a good job when you need it. Today, he is a true superstar, loved by the audience. I heard many people say: "The image of Bhai Ki Aa Rahi Hai... Dekhni Padegi", he is a member of Jiski Entry Mein Log Pagal Ho Jaate Hai,

David Dhawan

Salman's life is full of life Fall off. Rumi revealed that even during the difficult period of his career, he has never been under pressure. He recalled that Salman had to spend several days in Jodhpur prison. "Katrina (Kaif), Bina Kak ji and I went to prison with a bail order. Along the way, I told Katrina that Salman would make a list to help the prisoners. And this is exactly what happened. and said, "Rumy bhai, bahut badi list leke aaya hoon main.

Can you believe that a man is in jail because he doesn't have 10,000 rupees to bail? Uske ghar wale bhuke mar rahe hai ". Ek aur bande ki maa bimar hai. Yeh sab ki madat karni hai`. Katrina and I laughed, because we knew it would. Only he would think about it. It's a really big gang. Taran Adarshbusiness analyst, believes his gentle nature is one of the reasons he draws so many fans. “There are many actors who do things for publicity, but he is a person who avoids it. I have also had these kinds of examples around me. I will not go into details because it is a very personal matter. He does this not for publicity, but he does it. He's here, "Taran said.

David thinks Salman is an excellent actor, with a good time for comedy. "He became a superstar, but he did a great job. When he wants to do it, he can do a good job. Today, he is a true superstar and is loved by the audience. I heard a lot of people say, 'Bhai Ki Image Aa Rahi Hai ... Dekhni Padegi ', he's one of those Jiski Entry Mein Log Pagal Ho Jaate Hai, "shared David, adding that it's hard to stay relevant at 33. "With the accumulation of experience, his acting skills have become very outstanding. The crowd is his yaar, but if you watch, he also made great movies for the class. 30 crore toh kitni baar touch kar liya hai isne".

 Vijay Galani made two period movies Suryavanshi and Veer during Salman's career, calling him friends. "We have a one-on-one friendship. Long before his debut, he signed a film with him and became a superstar immediately after Maine Pyar Kiya was released. We have collaborated on two films, both of which were Salman's biggest works at the time. We will continue to be good friends," he concluded.

Taran Adarsh ??recalled Mr. Tarachand Barjatya’s prediction that Salman would become a big star long before the Maine Pyar Kiya was released. "After the Maine Pyaar Kiya was screened, Seth Ji ( Tarachand Barjatya) clearly told me'Yeh Ladka Aur Ladki Bahut Bade Star Banenge'. He saw sparks in them. This is what happened. Maine Pyar Kiya rewrote all records at the box office at the time, and Salman was the focus of the first film. This movie also completely changed the sound system in India. This is the revival of the movie, and it is indeed a turning point, as Aditya Chopra, Karan Johar and Dharmesh Darshan appeared after Piarquia, Maine. "

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