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I lost my legs and became a yoga teacher: Amputee Double Motivational Speech

This is her inspiring journey of believing in herself…Read more…

Friday, 27th August 2021

Arpita Roy clearly remembers the night of April 22, 2006. She was sitting behind a friend on a bicycle, making a list of things she wanted to buy in Kolkata. The City of Joy is only 30 kilometers away from his home in Barrackpore, and his life has changed drastically in an instant.

The bicycle collided with a huge truck, the truck ran over her legs and she fell to the ground, leaving a 20-year-old amputee with both legs. What he heard next were screams and a large group of people passed over his head.

Although she was wide awake, it wasn't until someone pointed to her blood-soaked leg that Alpita was able to determine the exact location of the excruciating pain. She repelled the sick thoughts and tried to move. Fortunately, there is a hospital across the street where the accident occurred.

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She was given painkillers, but given the unstable situation, she was asked to transfer her to a better hospital in Calcutta. When he got there, the doctor recommended the operation to save his leg, but due to the family's financial situation, it was postponed for 12 days.

"If we had enough money, my legs could have stayed. I hurriedly swallowed the bitter pill and accepted my reality. There is no point making up" hypothetical "scenes. I stayed in the hospital for four months because the gangrene had spread to 80% of my body, "Arpita recalled mercilessly on" Better India.

"A devastating event like would break anyone's spirits, but this carefree college girl has found her inner strength and The goal of being financially independent so as not to become a burden on her family. 15 years have passed since the tragedy of and today Arpita can not only stand and walk with her prosthesis, but also do yoga like a professional calvario Alpita puts all her hopes in the prosthesis and is sure she will be able to walk again, but said that the road to recovery is more difficult than accidents and amputations.

"My brother is the only breadwinner in the family. He has spent a lot of money on my limbs and medicine. In all this, people look at me like a burden. I want a job, To this end, I am willing to work harder.”

Arpita said, “The effort to stand on a prosthesis is always aggravated by phantom pain. Phantom pain comes from a part of the body, not there anymore. It feels like someone is cutting. Or burn their legs. In the meantime, I re-evaluated my priorities and realized that when things go bad for you, we tend to resist more," he added.

The determined Hapita overcomes the pain, and a few months later she can already walk. In July 2007, he found a job in a call center. He worked there for two and a half years until he got married.

His first day at work was difficult. Staying at home for nearly a year, surrounded by so many people, is really breathless. Sometimes he even cried, but with the unwavering support of his brother, he managed to strengthen himself.

 Get rid of fear

 If phantom pain is causing damage to the body, then your emotional trauma is not far behind. The look, the sympathy and the shame became part of Alpita's life. The last thing she wants is to be treated differently.

So when people mistake their prosthesis for polio or an injury, Arpita wasn't embarrassed, but shared her story.  "We need to know more about disability. Many people do not know what to ask or convey the correct information. At first, I hesitated and kept my life a secret. I must not get rid of fear and insecurity. The hardest thing not to do," he said.

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