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Navjot Singh Sidhu Given Ultimatum by Harish RawatFor Removal of Advisers Over Inappropriate Comments

Navjot Singh Sidhureceives an ultimatum...learn more

Friday, 27th August 2021

AICC general secretary in-charge of Punjab affairs Harish Rawat on Thursday ordered the removal of PyareLalGarg and Malwinder Singh Mali, advisers to state party president Navjot Singh Sidhu over their contentious remarks on matters regarding Kashmir and Pakistan.

Rawat said, the duo had “hurt people’s feelings” with their caustic words and asked Sidhu to remove them with immediate effect. He also said if Sidhu does not act on the removal, he will resort to other channels and write to the party to do the needful, rather than have them “embarrass” the party.

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In a telephonic conversation, Rawat told the press, “For one, Congress has nothing to do with Sidhu’s advisers. Secondly, the adviser’s remarks on Kashmir are not acceptable to Congress. Kashmir is an integral part of the country. If there is an unresolved issue with Pakistan, that is Pak-occupied Kashmir (PoK). I have told Sidhu to remove his advisers. The party cannot accept such people.”

PyareLalGarg and Malwinder Mali are both recent additions to Sidhu’s contingent. They were recently in news after passing comments last week on Pakistan and Kashmir. In a social media post, Mali opined that both India and Pakistan were illegal occupants in Kashmir.

Rawat also said in his statement, “It is not this or that camp who objected (to those statements). The whole party and the state have objections too. The party has a line on Jammu and Kashmir -- that it is a part of India.”

When questioned whether Amarinder Singh would continue to be the candidate for the post of Chief Minister and face of the party in the next election, Rawat was reticent and did not give a clear answer.

He said, “We cannot repeat the same thing,” and added, “every party has a set procedure. We will follow that. When the new legislature of the party sits (after the election in case of a victory) then they will take a decision.”

Punjab minister TriptRajinder Singh Bajwasaid after a meeting with party MLAs on Tuesday, “Captain should be replaced else the Congress won't survive... we will meet Sonia Gandhi over the issue.”

Rawat however, played the issue down and sidelined them as local issues that will be addressed by the pary leaders.

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