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Adventure Activities to indulge in India

Adventure sports you can try in India

Monday, 30th August 2021

Our country India is gifted with towering peaks, challenging terrains, and stunning rivers. All these geographical features make India a congenial land for a vast array of adventure activities in this world. For people who are in love with adventure, the country comes with multiple options providing the most desired rush of adrenaline. From white water rafting to trekking, from paragliding to scuba diving, there’s much to indulge in India. Read on to learn more:


Scuba diving

In India, there are multiple scuba diving options. The country offers shelter to extensive marine life and several amazing diving opportunities. For people who are in love with water sports, Andamans and Goa are an ideal option for them. Grand Island located in Southern Goa has some rare marine creatures. In the Andamans, the Havelock Island, Neil Island, and the North Bay are a kind of paradise for the divers



In India skiing is one of the most popular adventure sports. People often head to northern India in the winters to indulge in skiing. In the state of Himachal Pradesh, there are some very popular skiing destinations such as Narkanda, Mahasu, and Kufri. In the state of Jammu and Kashmir, the most popular skiing destinations in Gulmarg.


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White water rafting

There is plenty of white water rafting opportunities in India and that makes it one of the most popular water sports in the country. In Kullu valley, the Beas River comes with many powerful rapids and torrents and is loved by adventure enthusiasts who are looking for the sport of white water rafting. White water rafting in fact becomes a pretty exciting experience here.



For people who aren’t aware, Bir-Billing in the state of Himachal Pradesh is known enough for hosting the Paragliding World Cup drawing adventure enthusiasts from all around the world. For several years this sport wasn’t a much popular adventure sport choice in our country but in recent years, a massive demand for this sport has been experienced. Apart from Bir, this sport may also be enjoyed in Kullu, in Karnataka, and in Goa too.


Bungee jumping

The sport of Bungee jumping is meant just for the ones who are strong-willed. The sport involves taking a free leap from the top of tall structures like a high-rise building or a crane or bridge. The free leap is very likely to give the adventure junkies the much-needed rush of adrenaline. In India, bungee jumping can be practiced in Rishikesh.


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