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5 Waste-Free Eco-Friendly Businesses You Can Start With Little Money

India’s waste problem while helping you earn a good income…Learn more…

Monday, 30th August 2021

Many people are right to express their concern that waste management problems in India are increasing rapidly. 94% of the total waste collected in the country is dumped in landfills and allowed to pollute the environment. Although some of the waste is degradable, most of it is made up of plastics, metals, and other materials that take hundreds and thousands of years to decompose.

But a simple fact puts this big issue in perspective: the less you dump, the less you charge.

Garbage disposal is a huge scam, and due to its scale, it is generally considered irreplaceable. What can be opposed is that it is impossible to eliminate the use of certain products and materials in daily life, so their elimination after compliance is inevitable.

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Although this is true, there is a solution. What if we tell you that you can not only reduce the amount of garbage that reaches the trash can, but also earn income from it?

Although many conscientious citizens have begun to handle waste responsibly on a personal level, some driven startups are igniting the spark of sustainable business on a larger scale. These companies recycle and recycle excess items to create commercially viable products.

The Better India shares five sustainable business ideas that you can benefit from while starting to improve waste management yourself:

1. Recycling furniture

The fact that furniture is used in every household makes it a good way to recycle waste . In order to reuse a large amount of waste materials, products that have always been in high demand can be manufactured, such as chairs, tables, cabinets, etc. For example,

Pradeep Jadhav in Pune founded Gigantiques Furniture, which uses materials like used tires and barrels to make practical furniture models. His professional track record of completing more than 500 orders confirms that these types of products are becoming increasingly common.

He said that this business requires a small amount of initial investment, but has the potential to collect and return profits. People should look for the cheapest source of raw materials and have a clear understanding of what can be done to get the best results.

2. Recycled product

Despite its shortcomings, plastic is very useful. That is why it flows into every Indian household in the form of bags, packaging, and storage containers.

The easiest way to start a prudent business is to recycle this plastic and turn it into a reusable product.

Mumbaikar Rita Maker is a good example of this kind of pragmatic action. He cut polyethylene bags into strips and wove them into rugs, bags, and other products. "In 2016, I saw a video on Facebook in which a woman was making carpets with Walmart shopping bags. This is my idea. I know how to crochet, so I collected all the plastic and polyethylene in the house. Bag, and then go to work," she said.

Nandan Bhat’s Ecokaari brand reveals another inspiring idea. The Pune-based startup is trying to reduce the number of plastic bags, gift packaging, beans and flour bags that enter the landfill. Collecting all materials from sources such as local garbage collectors, Nandan takes them to a unit, where they are washed and dried. Craftsmen hired under their brand cut this plastic into small strips, and then weave them into fabrics to make products.

He said: “We have a variety of options, from bags, wallets, handbags, travel bags to electronic boxes, people can buy according to their needs.”

3. Recycling decoration

Siddhant Kumar in Delhi teaches us How to start a waste recycling startup with minimal investment. This IIT Bombay student runs Denim Decor, a brand that uses denim clothing to refurbish old decorations and practical items such as flashlights and pencil holders.

 At the other end of the city is Meenakshi Sharma, 33, who claims to be a recycling artist. Their efforts reuse 200 kilograms of old clothing every month to make rugs, rugs, bags and other products.

4. Ecological tableware

The use of ecological tableware and tableware is developing rapidly in the country. Madhavi and Venugopal in Hyderabad have used this trend to promote green lifestyle choices.

Its brand, Vistaraku, offers an alternative to expanded polystyrene tableware in its products made with Palasch sheets.

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