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TMC Leader Calls Assam CM “Dal Badlu” For Remarks AgainstMamata Banerjee

TMC Leader derides the Assam CM…Learn more…

Monday, 30th August 2021

Trinamool Congress leader in West Bengal, Saugata Roy on Sunday slammed the Chief Minister of Assam and called him names over his “red carpet” remark against West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. He said Sarma was a “dal badlu”.

Assam leader HimantaBiswaSarma made a statement involving West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and said Banerjee will be given a “red carpet welcome” if she ever chooses to visit Assam. He had also added that her visit would only aid their party in the elections as more votes would get divided between the Congress and TMC.

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On his trip to Siliguri to meet the family of the late former Assam legislator AlokeGhosh, Sarma said, “West Bengal chief minister’s entry in Assam and Tripura will only help the BJP. Wherever she goes and does politics, she will divide the votes of Congress and other parties and help the BJP. If she comes to Assam, we will give her a red carpet welcome.”

Against this, Saugata Roy commented, “I give no importance to what he says. He is a ''dal badlu'' (party hopper). He became Chief Minister after replacing SarbanandaSonowal, who is a very good man. He left Congress because TarunGogoi became the Chief Minister.”

He added, “Under his government, Assam police personnel died in the Mizoram border dispute, Dimasa rebels kill truck drivers. The situation in Assam is grave. He shouldn't comment on West Bengal, and instead, look after his own state. TMC will go to Assam.”

The TMC leader also said, “What he meant was that if Mamata Banerjee gets more votes in Assam, it will help BJP. It will divide the Bengali and Muslim vote bank...But he should not be complacent.” He said this against Sarma’s remark where he stated, “Mamata Banerjee's Assam visit will benefit BJP.”

Roy also added that their party “hopes to do well” in the north eastern state in the coming days as they are anticipating “minority votes, Bengali votes” as well as “Assam Hindu votes in Assam.”

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