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iPhone Accessories for best experience.

Tuesday, 31st August 2021

iPhone and iPad are popular because of their stylish appearance, reliable performance, and Apple's powerful and relaxed ecosystem. Another advantage of buying Apple devices (often overlooked) is the strong support for accessories. Even if we don't consider third-party accessories, Apple is known for its accessories designed to increase productivity, and the latest example is the new MagSafe accessory.

To draw attention to these tools, which are usually inexpensive but almost always provide use cases, you can now get the following seven Apple accessories.


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MagSafe Charger (Rs 4,500)

Apple's return to MagSafe is one of the best things to happen to the iPhone 12 series, and it's also the advancement of the brand's mobile phone development. This allows you to use MagSafe's range of magnetic functions, including MagSafe chargers and MagSafe wallets.


AirTags (Rs 3,190)

Apple AirTags is perfect if you are the kind of person who forgets things everywhere or wants to keep track of items such as bags and wallets. This is where Apple AirTags comes in. NFC-based trackers can be connected to your backpack and other items, and they can then use their mobile phones to track them. You can read more about how AirTags works here.


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Apple EarPods with lightning port (Rs 1,900)

Although wireless headsets have definitely taken over, the first thing Apple initiated is guilty. Even today, we cannot ignore the importance of wired headsets. Although they are a niche market, wired headsets have a place among audiophiles and gamers who don't want delays and don't like to be tied to another device to charge each time they are used up.


Apple Remote for Apple TV (Rs 1,700)

If you own an Apple TV device, Apple Remote is essential. The good news is that even if you lose or damage the device that came with your device, you can always get a replacement device from Apple.


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Apple USB-C Power Adapter (Rs 1,900)

If you bought any newer Apple mobile phone, or received it as a gift but found that you need a new charging adapter, then the genuine Apple USBC 20W adapter is your best choice. The original charger can be used safely on the iPhone and guarantees the best charging speed.


Apple Keyboards (Rs 15,900 onwards)

If your first choice is the iPad at home, Apple’s smart keyboard may be a game-changing accessory. The smart keyboard can greatly improve your typing experience, and its design is also beautiful. Then there is the Magic Keyboard with a floating layout and a built-in touchpad.


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Beats Flex Wireless Earphones (Rs 3,999 onwards)

We know that the Beats Flex wireless headphones may not seem like an official Apple product, but if you consider the fact that Apple is the owner of the company, you should get the same quality. If you want Apple Audio to be worn in your ears without the hassle of true wireless headphones, they're a good option too.


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