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Say hello to glowing skin with these morning and evening routines

Morning and Evening skin care…Know more…

Tuesday, 31st August 2021

Taking care of your skin is very necessary. However, due to the vast amount of information available, it is difficult to decide which steps and products should be part of your morning and evening skincare routine. By following the correct skin care procedures and following discipline, you can ensure that your skin is very healthy and radiant.

If you are confused about which skincare routines to follow, hesitate no more, because fitness instructor Yasmin Karachiwala and dermatologist Jaishree Sharad have removed all your doubts. In the Instagram post shared by the former, you can see Dr. Sharad explaining the best practices to follow as his morning and evening skincare routine.

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Follow the recommendations of your dermatologist and use the following morning and evening skin care routines to get clean, healthy skin.

 Regular AM

 * Step 1 Cleaning

 Clean all the products you use. Don't forget your eyes and ears.

 * Step 2 Apply

 Essence Just three drops, apply the essence to the entire face. Heat it by hand before applying. Don't forget to stroke it under the eyes.

 * Step 3 Moisturize

 Moisturize entire face and neck

 * Step 4 Sunscreen

 Apply sunscreen evenly to face and neck. According to Dr. Sharad, if your face becomes too white due to sunscreen, "you have to keep it on for a while, otherwise the sunscreen is wrong."

 "Unless your skin is very oily or acne-prone, you don't need a skin toner," he added.

 PM Routine

 * Step 1 Remove Make-up

 No matter how tired you are, you need to remove make-up. Don't sleep in makeup.

 * Step 2 Cleaning

 Thoroughly clean the face and neck to remove residual dirt or makeup.

 * Step 3 Apply serum under the eyes.

 Take one drop and gently apply under the eyes.

 * Step 4 Apply night serum

 Take no more than three drops and apply the serum to the entire face.

 * Step 5 Apply targeted creams.

 Specific creams are specific creams for anti-aging, pigmentation, acne, etc.

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