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Amarinder Singh Slams Haryana CM ML Khattar on His “Anti-Farmer” Agenda

Amarinder Singh derides the Haryana CM for his ‘anti-farmer’ agenda

Tuesday, 31st August 2021

Chief Minister of PunjabAmarinder Singh said on Monday that ManoharLalKhattar, the Haryana Chief Minister has revealed his “anti-farmer agenda” after he sided the assault on farmers and charged the Congress government of Punjab of stoking the agitation against the Union government’s three farm laws.

Earlier on Monday, Khattar had accused the Amarinder Singh government in Punjab along with the Congress and Left of fuelling the unrest in his state against the legislations that were passed by the Centre.

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The Punjal CM slammed Khattar on this and said, “The BJP's adamant refusal to revoke the laws reflected the vested interests of the party and its leadership, which had once again placed their crony capitalist friends over the common man.”

Singh laid the blame completely on the BJP government and said the turbulence would not have assumed the proportions that it did had it not been for the Centre, the Haryana chief minister and his deputy. He added, if only they had paid more attention to the farmers’ concerns and were more sensitive towards them, “instead of taking refuge in shameful lies for the horrendous attacks on the peaceful farmers”, the situation would not have gone out of hand.

Singh said, with Khattar defending the act of crime and assault against peacefully protesting farmers and stowing the blame completely on Punjab, his “anti-farmer” agenda has been unveiled. He said, “Can't you see that the farmers of your own state are angry with you for your apathetic attitude towards them and your party's stubborn refusal to repeal the farm laws?”

According to the CM of Punjab, the farmers were out of their homes in throngs because they wanted to fight for their survival and protect themselves and their families. They were in no need of any prodding either from Punjab or any other state, he added.

In his dig at the Haryana supremo, Singh also said that he was ready to feed him ‘laddoos’ if only he abolished the contentious farm laws that even led to a police lathi-charge on group of farmers disrupting traffic movement on a national highway nearKarnalon Sunday.

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