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How to use Amazon's Alexa voice assistant on an Android smartphone

Alexa for Android. Know more…

Wednesday, 1st September 2021

Amazon cloud-based voice assistant, Alexa is available in a plethora and other third-party devices manufacturers, such as Amazon.

Alexa takes advantage of the experience of natural speech to provide more intuitive ways to interact with the technology used by the user. You can use Alexa to make a call, ask for time, convert news, currency conversion, timer settings, manage smart homes, and various features.

Alexa App You can pair several electronic appliances and devices. If you want to use Alexa on your Android smartphone, you can run it by downloading the Google Play Store application. 


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How to set up Alexa on Android

1. Download and install Amazon Alexa from Google Play Store

2. Tap the Amazon Alexa application icon to open the application

3. Log in to your existing Amazon account information, and then tap login. If you do not have an Amazon account, you can create one.

4. Check and select your name from the list under Help Alexa get to know you. You can also click I am someone else and provide your information.

5. If you want to grant Amazon permission to upload your contacts, select the Allow option. You can also click the option later.

6. Click Next on the next screen. You will get an overview of the application interface.

7. When you are on the main screen of the Alexa app, swipe up to explore the different actions that Alexa can perform.


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How to customize Alexa

1. Tap the Amazon Alexa application icon to open the application,

2. Tap the device option at the bottom.

3. Touch all device options

4. Touch Alexa on this phone.

5. On the next screen, you can customize your region, time zone, and preferred unit of measure.


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