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Wednesday, 1st September 2021

However, when we are fasting, our health becomes more vulnerable," said Dr. Kriti Soni, a health researcher, what to do after

Do you brush your teeth every morning? If you like to drink a cup of coffee immediately after brushing your teeth, you may be wondering that this may cause digestive problems. This is why it is best to avoid coffee on an empty stomach.

 Health Researcher Dr. Kriti Soni recently shared an Instagram post in which she shared some things to avoid eating on an empty stomach.

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"Everything we do affects our body in some way. However, when we are fasting, our health is more vulnerable. Our body needs food that can be converted into energy and nutrients in a few seconds. This is why the one who was hungry, "she said.

Coffee, even without caffeine, produces stomach acid and if consumed on an empty stomach will cause heartburn or other digestive problems. If you are in the habit of skipping breakfast and drinking coffee, it will reduce serotonin production and make you feel depressed all day.

Chewing Gum

Chewing gum produces digestive acid, which can damage the fragile stomach lining. If you have too much gum, it can cause gastritis.


When you feel hungry, your body will absorb what you eat faster. Therefore, when you drink alcohol, the absorption will increase, and the absorption rate will be twice as fast. Sony says that even the process of removing alcohol from the body can slow down and cause a terrible hangover, and increase the effects of alcohol on the heart, kidneys and liver.

Citrus Juice

Citrus foods contain resistant fiber and acidic alkalis that can irritate the stomach. It can cause gastritis or make you susceptible to infections.

He even mentioned that fasting exercises should be avoided.

"In general, people think that exercising or training on an empty stomach will burn a lot of calories. However, research shows that fat loss doesn't happen this way," he said.

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