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Maharashtra CM Hits Out at BJP Over “Irresponsible” Call Amidst Pandemic

Maharashtra Chief Minister U Thackeray lashes out at BJP, Learn more…

Wednesday, 1st September 2021

Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Uddhav Thackeray said on Tuesday in an attack on the BharatiyaJanata Party (BJP) and Maharashtra NavnirmanSena (MNS) that his government is not “anti-Hindu” but “anti-Corona”.

The Raj Thackeray-led MNS in open defiance to the chief minister’s words and the state government’s orders, celebrated the dahihandi festival. Such celebrations involving large public gatherings are currently banned in the state owing to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

While the MNS carried out the celebrations in different parts of the city including Kalachowki, Dadar, Mulund and in Thane, some BJP leaders raised questions on Shiv Sena’sHindutva credentials over the Maharashtra government’s imposition of “selective” restrictions on Hindu festivals in the state.

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BJP leader AshishShelar questioned on Monday, “Is this government taking orders from Taliban? Why are all restrictions being enforced on Hindu festivals in Maharashtra?”

Thackeray who was doing the inauguration of PSA oxygen plants in Thane through video conferencing, said during his speech, “those saying that our government is anti-Hindu, I want to show them a letter from the Centre, which specifically says avoid crowding during dahihandi and Ganeshotsav. The government is not against any festivals, but is against the coronavirus. So, those who want to agitate, should protest against corona[virus].”

Dahihandi festivals are celebrated to mark the birth of Lord Krishna. It involves individual communities hanging earthen pots filled with yogurt or other milk based products, at a certain height. It is then broken by young boys and girls who form teams to make a human pyramid in order to reach the pot. Maharashtra is a big celebrator of this event and winners are often rewarded with numerous prizes.

This year, the restrictions imposed on the festival in Maharashtra led to a war of words between political parties, some of whom criticized the ruling party stating they are fond of lockdowns.

Raj Thackeray said, ““Everything is going on normally and there are crowds everywhere. People are playing cricket and football on the grounds. A picture is being created that Covid-19 spreads only during the festivals. Fear is being created among the people. Hence I told my party workers to celebrate dahihandi with gusto.”

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