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When my business was forced to close due to the lockdown, I turned to YouTube for help and baking became my savior

Lockdown business turned her savior…Know more….

Thursday, 2nd September 2021

After her business stop established for the pandemic, I began to put in gray quarantine in May 2020. Today she too Emits a delicious bread line.

 Dalgona Cafe, Fantasy Bread, Gantakkka Lof Gardens: These were part of the luxury that acted on Instagram and Facebook in April 2020. Some decide to brush their cooking talent.

 A Rock Bread Store is a resident of a resident of Water Pradesh, called Art Editor. "I'm doing it, but unfortunately the pandemic took my venture to the voice," says India 42 years. "The reason to start my adventure, slowly sew the children slowly and the pandemic returned the pandemic".

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 Idols do not sit, Shweta is busy and busy, I began to think about what she could be next to win. "After that, I'll make a simple tea and bread cake for my own consumption. I did the affirmation of a friend that I decided to explore what he was doing as a carrier choice," she says. In May 2020, a new adventure of a quarantine baker and Shweta formed for two months on the rock.

"My son was a name that I grew up, and he was trapped and stuck," she says proudly memories of the first days, she said: "It was easy, we did not have help at home, it is responsible for managing the house, clean, cooking, cooking and baking. It meant that they had fallen. They also had some days of resurrection, but I felt that I do not complain about everything. I enjoyed this new passion. "

 Access to the bakers, worldwide Shweta, most of its customers ordered it and even more customers and even more customers and friends. At first, Shweta did not have a significant meaning to investment in teams, but began to feel the same need because the order began to grow. "I had a moment when I used the cream, I had time I did, so my arms shone, so I could not feel them, it's when I decided to update the tool in my kitchen."

Today, Shweta approaches 6 to 8 orders daily and serves all Delhi / NCR customers. She overcomes a rupee every month. She says that she talked about one of the most challenging pastries made so far. I had no cake as much as I was worried. It was a great job for me to gather all the elements of the neida cake to RK Puram in Delhi and then assemble it in the place.

Shweta started baking tea cake and normal bread.

She talks about "divorce cake" that she has recently completed.

"This was formal for her divorce and it was for couples who wanted cake for that opportunity. I was surprised and surprised."  Capturing moments and emotions through his cake is that Shweta is going to do.

Shweta continues to test the ingredients she used, and she continues saying that the healthy bread provided is a very broad range. . As a person without burning experience, Shweta says that access to other people on the grill around the world is a great advantage. 

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