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Union Minister for Education Addresses 61st Foundation Day of NCERT

NCERT Foundation Day addressed by the Union Minister for Education

Thursday, 2nd September 2021

DharmendraPradhan, the Union Minister for Education had virtually addressed the 61st foundation day of the National Council of Educational Research & Training (NCERT) today, 1st September.

The NCERT works closely with the government as an advisory body that assists them in making policies and programmes for qualitative improvement in school level education across the country.

Besides the Education Minister, there were other eminent members gracing the occasion. Also present during the foundation ceremony of NCERT today were ministers of State for Education, SubhasSarkar, Dr Raj Kumar Ranjan Singh,Santosh Kumar Sarangi, Additional Secretary, DoSEL, Professor Sridhar Srivastava, Director, NCERT and senior official of the Education Ministry and NCERT.

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In his address, the Minister for Education said, “The institution has taken a long journey of 60 years and remains dedicated to India's education system. I congratulate the entire family of NCERT for achieving this significant milestone. There has been immense improvement in the quality of school education in India since independence and NCERT has played an instrumental role in it.”

He added, “All these years, NCERT has set its benchmark by coordinating with more than 97 lakhs teachers and 26 crores students and 50 lakhs schools across the country. From formulating the national curriculum framework, to releasing the alternative academic calendar during all the circumstances even during COVID-19, NCERT has done a commendable job.”

MoS Education SubhashSarkardrew attention to the importance of integration of vocational and academic education to reach the larger goals ofAtmanirbhar Bharat and Skill India. The minister stated that the part which will be played by NCERT in implementation of NEP is undeniable.

The Education Ministry said that the programme was attended online by “the faculty members, staff and other invitees of all the constituents of NCERT through Official Youtube channel. The entire programme was conducted with Covid appropriate protocol in place.”

During the course of the programme, the dignitaries also launched the publication of NCERT titled ‘Dictionary of Sociology’ in three languages- English, Hindi and Urdu, which explain the terms in Sociology.

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