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Kerala Logs Over 30K Fresh Covid-19 Cases, Several States Considering Reopening of Schools

Kerala Logs more than 30 K covid cases…Get the details…

Thursday, 2nd September 2021

Kerala has recorded 32,803 new cases of Covid-19 infections in the last 24 hours taking the cumulative count in the state to 40, 90,036. With 173 new fatalities logged, the total number of deaths due to coronavirus now stands at 20,961.

The state government has also reported a test positivity rate (TPR) of 18.76 per cent after testing of 1,74,854 samples in the last 24 hours. This pushes the total count of the number of samples that have been tested so far to 3,17,27,535, as per the state government’s release.

According to a recent bulletin by the government consortium INSACOG, even after taking into account the total infections and other factors in the country, Covid-19 infections in India are under control and within the expected numbers.


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The bulletin also stated that vaccination continues to be the mainspring of public health strategy and is protecting the population against serious illnesses.

As per data released by the Union Health Ministry, the country as a whole logged 41,956 new coronavirus cases in 24 hours making its total caseload rise to 3.28 crore ( With 460 deaths in the last 24 hours, the death toll has reached 4.39 lakh (4,39,020).

Active cases in India is currently at 3.78 lakh (3,78,181).

Several states in the country are considering reopening schools for physical classes. The Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan held a meeting with senior ministry officials on Wednesday on the matter of reopening of schools across the country and the roadmap for vaccinating all school staff.

Meanwhile, other states have shown some improvement in the Covid-19 figures.




Number of fresh Covid-19 cases: 20

Number of deaths in 24 hours: 0

Total number of cases: 7,70,506

Total number of Covid related deaths: 9,677


Uttar Pradesh


Number of fresh Covid-19 cases: 19

Number of deaths in 24 hours: 2

Total number of cases: 17,09,351

Total number of Covid related deaths: 22,825


Himachal Pradesh

Number of fresh Covid-19 cases: 251

Number of deaths in 24 hours: 5

Total number of cases: 2,13,799

Total number of Covid related deaths: 3,587




Number of fresh Covid-19 cases: 1,159

Number of deaths in 24 hours: 21

Total number of cases: 29,50,604

Total number of Covid related deaths: 37,339


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