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Beautiful natural attractions in Punjab

Places to visit in Punjab.

Friday, 3rd September 2021

Sukhna Lake

This is a reservoir at the foot of Shivalik Hills, which you must visit when you are in Punjab. It is located in the city of Chandigarh and was created by the iconic French-Swiss architect Le Corbusier. As the favorite attraction of the residents of Chandigarh, it has a membership-based lake club.


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Abohar Wildlife Sanctuary

This wildlife sanctuary is located in the Fazilka district and is home to many beautiful creatures. Most notably, the black stag and antelope. The wildlife sanctuary consists of 13 Bishnoi villages, which consider antelopes to be sacred. The whole place is a gift of nature and is a must-visit place.


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Harike Wetland

Harike is the largest wetland in North India and is known for its rich biodiversity, it is a beautiful natural attraction not to be missed. This is also the location of Lake Harike in its depths. The wetland is actually a bird watcher's paradise because it was declared a bird sanctuary and named Harike Pattan Bird Sanctuary in 1982. In winter, there are around 200 species of birds.


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Zakir Hussain Rose Garden

The beautiful botanical garden in Chandigarh, the Zakir Hussein Rose Garden covers an area of ??30 acres. In addition to numerous rose plants, there are also a wide variety of medicinal plants and trees in the garden. You can also see the beautiful yellow Gulmokhal in the garden.


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