Signs of fat indigestion

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Signs that your body isn’t digesting fat the right way

Fat indigestion signs and symptoms

Friday, 3rd September 2021

In the realm of healthy food habits, fat isn’t something that comes with very good fame. It is a common belief that feeding on fat-rich food could make one fall prey to heart diseases. The truth is different, however. Just like carbs and protein, fat happens to be one of the 3 major macronutrients needed by our body. It is needed by our body to undertake everyday activities. It is a kind of lipid-protein that functions as an energy supplier for the body, functions as a cushion and support for the organs, supports growth and reproduction of cells, and provides warmth to the body.


Almost every food you eat in the course of a day has a certain portion of fat in it. The difference lies in the fact that some types of fats are healthy fats and needed for sound health while some can lead to several health issues. For the internal organs to work optimally fat is definitely needed by the body but must digest the fat too. Your body will show certain signs and symptoms if it is unable to digest the fat.


Certain enzymes made by our body helps in breaking the fat moving across our digestive tract. The two vital enzymes that trigger the breaking down of fat in the mouth are phospholipids and lingual lipase. These two enzymes break the fat down into tiny drops. When the food reaches the stomach, the fat digestion process is expedited and nearly 30 percent of the fat is converted to diglycerides plus fatty acids within about 2-4 hours post-meal consumption. From there it undergoes further digestion, is absorbed by the body cells, and is released into the bloodstream.


Fat digestion may be hampered due to varied conditions like small bowel syndrome, liver disorders, and small intestine-related issues. Given below are 5 major signs of fat indigestion:


Floating stool

Pale yellowish stools floating in the toilet bowl are an indication that your body isn’t digesting the fat. When the motion is smelly and darkish brown, it indicates that the fat is being digested properly.


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When one experiences heartburn even after eating healthy food that indicates fat indigestion


Ache under the ribs

An ache just underneath your rib cage indicates fat indigestion. This pain may occur post the consumption of fat-rich foods and may continue for about 30-40 minutes. This pain is actually triggered by the build-up of gas which is but the result of fat indigestion.


Skin issues

Fat indigestion may lead to dull, dry, and itchy skin that scars very easily. The scar formed due to improper processing of the fat may not heal fast.


Lack of energy

Fat indigestion may lead to a drop in energy levels as fat like the carb is a supplier of energy for day-to-day activities.


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