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Aamir Khan's brother, Faisssal Khan wants me to want to keep a fearful distance from his family

Faisssal Khan opened how he wanted keep his relationship with family…Know more…

Friday, 3rd September 2021

He recently allowed him to Aamir for what had happened between them, but revealed that he could not forget the incident. In the last interview, Faissal has opened on how he wanted to keep the distance from his family.

Faces of Khan, who is trying to revive FST Caria, has recently pronounced him the mind of him in the interview with the time of Navbharat. He said he could "escape" before "escaping". Even so, he is still a prisoner of the house of Aamir Khan.

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He said in Hindi, I went to my family and his stages, and then I said I wanted my signature, I was worried about my account, so they told me. So they told me to declare him before the judge that I can not take care, I could not Understand why. When I decided to leave the house talks about its equation with Aamir Khan.

"An incident so big can forgive me, but I can forgive him, however, I can forget what happened. I will talk to my family on the phone, I hope they are on birthday and Eid, but there is a distance.  There is also fear for the past. I would like to keep the distance.

I won when I lied, I have a barrier between us, but it is good to maintain this distance. I have nothing, I'm doing it the best for them, but I crossed a certain line, I have my own dignity for me, so I have my own dignity for me.

They felt that he was depressed and suffered from delirious schizophrenia. Faissal also revealed that he received a mental assessment for 20 days at JJ Hospital, then revealed that he was declared with the judge. 

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