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India Records 45,352 New Covid-19 Cases, Fatalities Drop

New covid cases recorded in the country

Friday, 3rd September 2021

India recorded 45,352 new cases of coronavirus in the past 24 hours, a slight dip in the daily figures after a two-month high was logged on Thursday with 47,092 cases. The number of fatalities due to Covid-19 on a single day however, came down significantly. As per data released by the Ministry of Health, the number of people who succumbed to the illness in India on Thursday was 336.

There is a worrisome upward trend in the number of active cases in the country now. There has been a rise in the number of active cases by almost 10,000 a day for the third day in a row. According to the government of India, there are almost four lakh active cases at 3,99,778 in the country at the moment.

Meanwhile, the situation in the southern Indian state of Kerala continues to remain grim as the state logged 32,000 fresh Covid cases in the last 24 hours. The daily figures have been hovering around the 30,000 mark in Kerala for a while now.


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With the coronavirus pandemic completing two years this December, the larger question that looms is whether people have learnt to live with the virus.

Several countries have also reopened schools for physical classes. Public spaces like gyms, cinema halls, restaurants, etc. are slowly getting back in business.

It is important to understand first if the coronavirus vaccines are actually effective. As per the latest Lancet research findings and numerous other studies before that, the vaccines help bring down the number of hospitalization significantly. A new study the CDC in the US also suggests that the unvaccinated population is 17 times more prone to getting severely ill by the virus as opposed to those who have taken both shots.

Countries like India, with just 11 per cent of fully vaccinated people, are still hovering near the bottom of the list of countries in the ‘Our World in Data’ website, when it comes to the fully vaccinated population.

While the UAE is near the top with 74 per cent, others who have good numbers include Spain (71%), Uruguay (72%), Chile (71%). Other major nations are – France (59%), the UK (63%), Germany (60%), the US (52%).

On the other hand, it is also seen that countries like the US and Israel are having a spike in cases on account of the Delta variant, despite having a good rate of vaccinations.

Hence, what experts suggest is, in the days to come people need to strictly adhere to Covid-appropriate behaviour to avoid a dark picture again.

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