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Explore Niihau: Hawaii’s Forbidden Island

Hawaii’s forbidden Island. Know more…

Monday, 6th September 2021

Niihau, also known as the Forbidden Island, is a beautiful island in Hawaii that stretches for 180 square kilometers. Outsiders are prohibited from entering the island, and only the Robinson family, their relatives, guests, government officials, and U.S. Navy personnel can be authorized here. The island seemed to be a beautiful dream, and he didn't want to wake up.

Let us learn more about this undeveloped Hawaiian island:

History of Niihau

The island was purchased by Elizabeth Sinclair from the Kingdom of Hawaii in 1864 for $10,000. Later, the ownership of the island was passed on to their descendants, the Robinson family. According to historical books, the island was the site of an accident during World War II, during which a Japanese navy fighter pilot crashed.



Today, only 70 full-time residents live on the island. There are no roads, hospitals, police stations, or grocery stores on the island. The residents of the island rely entirely on rain for water. But because of this, the island still has a primitive ecosystem. Here you can find many endangered species.


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Since 1987, the family that owns the island allowed beach travel, and gradually opened some limited supervisory activities and hunting trips to tourists. Currently, the island is run by two brothers, Bruce and Keith Robinson. Niihau islanders are famous for their gem-shaped shell garland crafts.



Surprisingly, Nihao is the only place in the world where Hawaiian is still the main language. Residents have their own dialect called Olelo Kanaka Niihau.



Because the island is isolated from the rest of the world, job opportunities here are rare. People often fish and farm on the island, and use solar panels to generate electricity and heat. Recently, the family has opened a part of the island for tourism purposes, but the rules will apply.


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