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PM Modi Tops World Leaders Approval Ratings Chart, BJP Leaders Interpret it as Popular Support of His Policies

PM Modi gets global support…Get the details

Monday, 6th September 2021

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has topped the approval rating chart of world leaders according to a survey that was conducted by Morning Consult Political Intelligence. As per leaders of his party, the results of this global survey goes on to corroborate the BJP supremo’s popular support where his pro people policies are concerned.

Morning Consult is a body that conducts such surveys regularly that track the popularity rating of various world leaders. The Indian Prime Minister ranked as the most approved global leader with a 70 per cent approval rating.

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PM Modi even surpassed the likes of popular leaders like US President Joe Biden andUK Prime Minister Boris Johnson in his ranking.

BJP leader JP Nadda took to social media after the results were released and wrote, “The highest-ranking for the country's top leader Narendra Modi in the global approval rating is a matter of pride and honour for the country. This is a result of people's blessings to his welfare policies for the masses.”

Other BJP heavyweights also took this opportunity to laud the prime minister. BJP chief spokesperson and RajyaSabha MP Anil Baluni said India's esteem on a global front has risen many folds under Modi.

BJP spokesperson SambitPatra said, “Global leader with highest approval ratings, that's our Prime Minister NarendraModiji with 70 percent approval ratings. Congratulations.”

The data was published on Saturday by the global enterprise where PM Modi was rated as the most approved world leader followed by Mexican President Andrés Manuel LópezObrador and Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi.

While the fourth position was held by German Chancellor Angela Merkel with a 52% approval rating, the 5th and 6th spots were taken by Joe Biden and Australian PM Scott with 48% approval each.

Ranking number 7 was the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau with 45 percent approval while UK PM Boris Johnson, was lingering behind on the 8th position.

Apart from them, Brazil President JairBolsonaroalso appeared on the list at number 9 with 39 percent approval, and the 10th was Moon Jae-in, President of South Korea with 38 percent approval.

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