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KisanMahapanchayat Echoes “Call of Truth” to an “Unjust Govt”, Says Rahul Gandhi

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Monday, 6th September 2021

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi hitting out at the BJP government on Sunday said the Kisanmahapanchayat in Muzaffarnagar reverberates the “call of truth” that an “unjust government” must listen to.

The BJP government in turn sought to call it an “election meeting” months before the Assembly polls are scheduled in a number of states across the country including Uttar Pradesh.

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Rahul Gandhi took to Twitter to write a post in support of the protestors. He wrote in Hindi, “The call of truth is echoing. You have to listen, unjust government!”

Various other prominent Congress leaders also took this opportunity and wrote in support of the mahapanchayat.

Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadrastated that the roar of the farmers cannot be quelled by the “arrogance of power”.

Priyanka said, “Farmers are the voice of this country. Farmers are the pride of the country. Arrogance of any power cannot withstand the roar of the farmers.”

She added that the entire country is supporting the farmers in their struggle to safeguard agriculture and in demanding their dues for their toils.

Other Congress heavyweights also threw in their opinions. Chief spokesperson for the partyRandeepSurjewala said those who are stealing from the farmers are traitors of the country.

Speaking in support of the mahapanchayat, senior Congress leader Sachin Pilot said that organised under the leadership of the SamyuktKisanMorcha, he is confident that the mahapanchayat will only reinforce farmers’ interests.

Pilot also wrote in Hindi in a Twitter post, “May this mahapanchayat prove to be a milestone in the direction of a peaceful farmers’ movement.”

The SamyuktKisanMorcha is a synthesis of a number of individual farmer unions and has been at the forefront of the farmer agitation against the contentious farm laws, that began last year.

The Centre is rigid in its stance that the new farm laws have given farmers new opportunity to sell their produce and have brushed off all condemnation against it that suggest these laws are targeted at eliminating the minimum support price regime and farm mandis.

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