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The New Windows 11 Comes With Some great Features to Look forward to

New Features of the New Windows 11

Monday, 6th September 2021

As tech giant Microsoft announced the rollout of Windows 11 on supported devices starting October 5, PC users across the globe look forward to it eagerly.

Here are the top features of the upcoming Windows 11.

New Design

  • Windows 11 comes with a new design and sounds on it is likely to give the operating system a twist and at the same time bring a sense of calm and ease
  • Icons and themes will be redesigned and visuals will be softer with a transparent background. This will bring what is in the front more in focus.
  • The new OS will be seen having rounded corners as seen on both Android and iOS.


Start Menu

  • Windows 11 will come with an all-new Start menu.
  • It has been repositioned to the center of the screen with the aim of providing a fresh perspective on the user’s content.
  • It will now also make use of the cloud and Microsoft 365 to show users recent files from multiple linked devices so they can work flawlessly across devices.


Snap Layouts

  • There is going to be a new and unique addition- the Snap Layouts, Snap Groups, and Desktops.
  • It is aimed at optimizing the screen space on Windows 11
  • These new features will let users multitask perfectly by committing sections of the screen to different apps to be worked on simultaneously


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  • These are small graphical apps that give a faster way to access information on multiple topics at-a-glance. They could be anything from news, weather, sports, the stock market, and much more.
  • These are new personalized feeds powered by AI and can be easily accessed directly from the Windows 11 taskbar for quick reads


Microsoft Teams is now on the taskbar

  • Chat from Microsoft Teams has now been directly integrated into Windows with the Windows 11 and users can access it through the taskbar.
  • This will be a faster way for Windows users to connect to their network.


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