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Kangana Ranaut said she is confident that "Thalaivii" will bring the audience back to the theater

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Monday, 6th September 2021

Recently, he expressed disappointment that his next film "Talevi" was not shown. Now, in another Instagram story, he asked for the movie to be multiplexed, calling it a theatrical experience, and expressing his confidence that the movie will bring the audience back to the theater.

Taking her Instagram story as an example, Kangana Ranaut again requested the use of Hindi multiplexing to play her movie Thalaivii. In his request message, he wrote: "Thalaivii is a theatrical experience, and I hope that Hindi multiplexing can also reproduce it. I think it will bring the audience back to the theater @pvrcinemas_official @inoxmovies.

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"In his previous post, he told everyone that the diversity of the Tamil and Telugu speaking regions has changed his mind and now he has given a green signal for the screening of her biopic. While appreciating this gesture, the Panga actress also added that she hopes the Hindi version of the film will also be released in theaters as soon as possible.

Thalaivii is a former Thai biopic of J. Jayalalithaa, The Chief Minister from Milnadu, Kangana will play the film's legendary politician.

The Manikarnika actress is currently in the southern part of the country, in Hyderabad to be precise, where she is promoting her next film before it is released on September 10. On Sunday, Kangana posted a photo of herself wearing a stunning green saree. In the title, she shared that she was interacting with the media in Hyderabad and that she would see the Hindi version of the film for the first time in the evening.

Later, he posted a story with a movie poster on Instagram and wrote: "Seeing "Talevie" is by far the best movie of my career. It's really a meaningful experience."

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