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Chandrayaan-2 completes 9,000 laps of the moon: the scientific results are "encouraging", the person in charge of Isro said

Chandrayaan-2 completes 9,000 laps of the moon.

Tuesday, 7th September 2021

Two years after landing, the combination of Rover crashed on the other side of the Moon, the mission of Chandrayaan2 continues to provide an important observation for India since it still completes the trajectory of 9000 around the Moon. President of the Indiana Space and Investment Organization (ISRO) K Sivan said that the spacecraft completed 9,000 revolutions of the Moon, and the installed instrument is functioning nominally. The last announcement was celebrated by the head of ISRO in 2 days, the Lunar Science workshop 2021 began. Workshops are held to commemorate the completion of two-year operations of the Chandrayaan2 spacecraft around the orbit of the Moon.


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"Appointments, Chandrayaan2 completed more than 9000 trajectories on the Moon," said Sivan, who was a secretary at the SPACE office (two).  He added that eight useful loads of the Chandrayaan2 spacecraft were about 100 km of altitude from the moon.


"Scientific data is available for academic analysis to extract more science of Chandrayaan2 missions.

The last announcement prepares the task of Chandrayaan3 for the last announcement due to the surrounding spacecraft, we will communicate with the Earth. Shivan expresses confidence In the monthly orbit, which is considered "very encouraging" the results of science. It was considered that it was considered.


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As president of the Apex Science Board, "Chandrayaan2 incorporates many new features into the product carried out by the observation performed by Chandrayaan1 in Chandrayaan1 ". Eight useful loads are practically maintained by scientists from the workshop. 


What is the Chandrayaan-2 mission?

The Chandrayaan2 mission is the successor to its main Chandrayaan mission. It consists of an orbiter, a lander, and a rover. The goal is to explore the south pole of the moon. The purpose of this mission is not only to study one area of ??the moon, but also to combine all areas of the moon's outer shell, surface, and subsoil into one mission.


It was launched on the GSLV MkIII, India's most powerful launcher to date, on July 22, 2019, and reached lunar orbit on August 20. The lander and rover will land on the other side of the moon after separating from the orbiter on September 6. However, when the combination crashed onto the moon's surface, the mission did not proceed as planned.


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Although the lander and rover were lost in the accident, so far, the orbiter is still in orbit on the moon, providing critical observations of the lunar surface. Isro has stated that it will use the orbiter to perform its Chandrayaan III mission, which may be launched in 2022.


Due to the coronavirus pandemic and continuous shutdowns, the government revised the launch schedule for lunar missions. "We are studying it. It has the same configuration as the Chandrayaan II, but it does not have an orbiter." The orbiter launched by Yuechuan-2 will be used on Yuechuan-3. With this, we are developing a system, which will be launched mainly in 2022 next year, "Isro CEO K Sivan said in early February.


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