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Salman KhurshidOpine the Party to Get 120 130 Seats in LokSabha Elections Will Lead Opposition

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Tuesday, 7th September 2021


Senior Congress member Salman Khurshid said his party is in a good position to bag 120 – 130 seats in the next LokSabha elections disbanding all speculations about the party leadership facing a crisis.

The leader said that the Narendra Modi led BJP government had only won the previous elections because they were faced with an opposition that was disintegrated. However, he said that the BJP has now “fallen behind” them in a number of states.

Khurshid said, “If there is no leader, then why to present him (as a leader). If there is a leader, he will automatically present himself. Among all the opposition parties, the Congress is still in such a best position to win 120-130 seats.”

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The former Union minister based his claim on his belief that the Congress is directly pitted against the BJP in 240 – 250 seats.

Khurshid, who has been a trusted counsellor of the Gandhi family said, “The party that wins 100-120 seats will lead. A party with two seats will not lead. The answer for leading the opposition alliance is 120 seats.”

When questioned whether the party is advocating the West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee to become the face of the opposition against Prime Minister NarendraModi, Khurshid was reticent.

He said, “I have no opinion on this issue. When everyone meets in Delhi, they should talk. Why should I comment on this sitting in Kolkata? Can anyone bring 120 seats? It seems that Congress can bring 120 seats. If someone else can bring 120 seats then he is welcome. Who is stopping them?”

“When opposition parties met in Delhi, no one spoke about who will be the leader or not,” he added.

Khurshid stated categorically that it is for the regional parties and all the opposition parties to decide now whether they want to see the BJP be in power for the next ten years.

While he dismissed talks about his party being faced with a leadership crisis, he gave in to the fact there was a “void of not being in power”. He added that leaders like JitinPrasada and Sushmita Dev abandoned the Congress as they were unwilling to wait for its return to power.

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