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The 'Jabbed Working Class' is a boon to the economy: For the first time, young Indians outnumber the rest in terms of total vaccinations.

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Tuesday, 7th September 2021

For the first time, the young have surpassed the rest of the population in terms of total vaccinations in the country, owing to a surge in demand for Covid-19 vaccines among people aged 18 to 44 since they became eligible in May.


The cumulative statistics following another one crore-plus vaccination day on September 6 shows that the 18-44 age group has now received 34.8 crore vaccinations, surpassing the 34.7 crore vaccinations given to the remainder of the adult population. This includes all age ranges of healthcare and frontline employees.

The 45-60 age group has received 20.8 crore vaccinations, while the older citizens have received 13.8 crore vaccinations.

According to government experts, this is also a positive indicator for the economy, since more and more young and working people are being vaccinated and protected from major disease or hospitalisation as a result of Covid. Since the 18-44 age group was vaccinated in May, the number of young people receiving vaccines has surpassed that of the rest of the adult population for the first time. In March and April, jabs became available for various age groups.

On August 17, News18 stated that the 18-44 age group has surpassed the rest in receiving the first dose of the vaccination. In many significant states including Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh, as well as Delhi, Haryana, and Gujarat, the overall jab numbers for the 18-44 age range currently account for nearly 60% of the total numbers. In Maharashtra and Kerala, the rest of the age group still receives more vaccinations than those aged 18 to 44.

Nearly 60 crore of the country's 94 crore adult population is between the ages of 18 and 44, while 34 crore are 45 and older, according to projections for 2021. To be properly immunised, the young aged 18 to 44 require close to 120 crore vaccinations, of which 34.8 crore have been provided thus far. However, for those aged 45 and up, the task is nearly half done, with 34.7 crore jabs administered out of a total of nearly 68 crore required.


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