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Twitter tests new features to allow users to remove followers without blocking

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Wednesday, 8th September 2021

Twitter has been testing many new features to improve the user experience. The latest Weibo test has a lot to do with the way users treat fans. Some followers are annoying and have specific interests behind following you. They tried to tear him up and posted spam comments under his tweets. Twitter is now testing a new way to deal with them. The latest tests show that users can quickly delete followers without completely blocking them.


Twitter announced that it is testing a new feature on the Internet that will allow users to delete followers without blocking them. "We make it easier for you to be the curator of your fan list. Now test it on the web: delete followers without blocking. Twitter said in a tweet that to delete followers, go to their personal profile and click "Followers", then click the three-dot icon and select "Delete this follower."


Interestingly, when you delete a follower from the list, you won't know immediately. However, if your account is public, anyone can see your tweets and comment below them. So the goal of destroying a follower is still a bit confusing. If followers speak ill of you, the only way to get rid of the account is to block it. However, Twitter is only testing this feature. We don’t know what the end result will be and how useful this feature is to users.


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In the screenshot shared on Twitter, you can see that deleting followers is very simple. Users only need to open their follower list and click the three dots in front of the follower's name. By clicking "Delete Follower", the user can get rid of the follower.


Twitter is also testing edge-to-edge features that only apply to iOS apps. This feature will allow users to post side-to-side tweets that span the width of the timeline, so that photos, GIFs, and videos have more room for display. If Twitter launches this feature, users will no longer need to click on the image to see the full-size image. Twitter did not reveal when it plans to launch the two features it has been testing.


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