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Why Galaxy Z Flip 3 is the Ultimate Phone for Playing Retro Games

Galaxy Z Flip 3.

Wednesday, 8th September 2021

Before we get started, here's a question: how much of a Super Mario fan do you have?

Just days after the debut of the Galaxy Z Flip 3, I have been drawn into the hopeful world of Samsung with its foldable phones. But the reason for my enthusiasm is purely based on how the Z Flip 3 became a retro gaming console ... for this, I thank Samsung and Google.


All Android smartphones, even entry-level ones, can simulate classic game consoles: Game Boy, Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), and PlayStation Portable. So it's no big deal to play classic games like Super Mario Paradise or Donkey Kong Country on Galaxy Z Flip 3. There are dozens of emulators available on the Play Store; the process is legal and does not require a rooted phone. But what makes the Galaxy Z Flip 3 the perfect choice for playing retro games is its foldable form. This is a game-changer for me.


The Galaxy Z Flip 3 is already one of my favorite smartphones in 2021. It has a compact build, with the clamshell design of the old clamshell phone, but thanks to the foldable screen, it provides a full-screen experience. I like to hold it, the experience is surreal. This is a different type of mobile phone, its shape, and graphic fidelity have allowed me to rediscover classic games that I had not played, despite having Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP and Game Boy Color.


Galaxy Z Flip 3 is modern and stylish and may be aimed at fashion-conscious consumers. However, for me, the most interesting potential of folding screen technology is the way you play on these devices, especially retro games. When you lift the top of the phone and bend the screen to any angle, the situation suddenly changes. In the case of Z Flip 3, the phone can be opened at a 90-degree angle as a stand, dividing the screen vertically into the top and bottom screens.


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Reminds me of playing games on the Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP, which is one of the best portable game consoles ever. The main selling points of GBA SP are foldable design, backlit display, and simple control. If you download the correct emulator, Galaxy Z Flip 3 can simulate the Game Boy Advance SP, and you can expect the same gaming experience.


I have tried to install an emulator on an Android smartphone, but I have never had the fun of playing classic games on these devices. But Z Flip 3 is the closest device I can think of right now, and it is very close to copying what the Game Boy Advance SP represents. You can close the case phone every time and enjoy the nostalgia of playing GBA games. It is the folding screen that played a role, and I think it will become the basis of the next generation of smartphones.


As I mentioned at the beginning, today's smartphones can run various games. But Z Flip 3 fills in the idea of ??how folding screen technology can add fun to the phone's appearance. More than just old-fashioned retro games, devices like Z Flip 3 or Z Fold 3 prove that there are ways to harness the power of the folded shape.


It is now up to developers, especially those who develop and create games, to design games that utilize new foldable smartphones. For me, Z Flip 3 once again showed me my love for retro games. Last week, I gave my PlayStation 4 a break for the first time and played many classic games on Galaxy Z Flip 3. I found that I have had a lot of fun and relive my memories of Game Boy Advance SP.


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