Rajaji Tiger Reserve

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The Rajaji Tiger Reserve is now open all year round for safari. Start planning your weekend vacation!

Rajaji Tiger Reserve.

Thursday, 9th September 2021

Not sure where to go this weekend? Authorities said on Monday that if you want to travel, parts of the Rajaji Tiger Reserve in Uttarakhand have opened year-round hunting activities on some routes in the Corbett Tiger Reserve. Chief Wildlife Administrator J S Suhag said 4,444 visitors to Rajaji can now take a wildlife tour from Satyanarayan Mandir to Kasro all year round.


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"This decision will promote tourism, in addition to alleviating safari operators who have suffered severe economic shocks due to the Covid pandemic," he said.

Other people related to their livelihoods will also benefit greatly from the decision, Suhag said. The operator of the Rajaji Tiger Reserve Safari and the representative of the people in the area recently wrote to Suhag asking him to conduct a year-round hunt in parts of the open reserve on the route of the Rajaji Tiger Reserve, Corbett.


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All five areas of Corbett Tiger Reserve - Garjia, Bijrani, DharaJhirna, Dhela, and Pakhron - opened in June for year-round hunting.

Revenues from the Rajaji and Corbett tiger reserves in Uttarakhand have been severely affected by the pandemic. Suhag said such measures will help offset the impact.


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