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Prime Minister Narendra Modi mourns the death of Akshay Kumar's mother: "Your mother is with you like a rock"

Akshay kumar’s mother received touching letter from Modi…Know more…

Monday, 13th September 2021

Akshay Kumar received a touching letter from Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday. In the letter, Prime Minister Modi expressed condolences for the loss of Akshay's mother. Akshay's mother, Aruna Bhatia, passed away earlier this week.

"I feel sorry for your mother's death, Smt. Aluna Bhatia. As I spoke to you on that crucial morning, you were dejected and emotional when you wrote, "She is my core". And today I feel an indestructible pain in the core of my existence, ”Modi said in his letter.

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“After hard work, you tasted success. You have built a reputation for yourself and made a name for yourself through your determination and perseverance. During your journey, keep the right values ??and moral strength so that you can easily turn adversity into opportunity. This learning comes from your parents.

I believe that when you start your career, people on the street will be skeptical, even condescending. But your mother stands by your side like a rock. At the height of success and the low point of failure, she was there as an anchor. She makes sure you stay kind, compassionate and humble at all times. She also instilled in you a spirit of service, which is repeatedly reflected in your charitable activities and your desire to give back to society," the letter reads.

When completing his letter, he mentioned Akshay 'S mother knew that her son was “one of the most respected and versatile actors in India” and left the world.

Moved by Prime Minister Modi’s move, Akshay shared the letter on Instagram and wrote Said: "I feel humiliated for the condolences of my mother's death, and thank all those who respect Modi's amazing gesture for taking the time to express their warm feelings towards me and my late parents. These comforting words will always be with me. Jaanbe. "

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