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Dharam Tej reserved for the discharge of the incident post eruption? Here’s friend Lakshmi Manchu & Family has to say

What happened to Sai Dharam Tej…Get the details…

Monday, 13th September 2021

The actor is currently in the hospital in the hospital in Apollo hospital and is stable after meeting an accident like his bicycle skate due to the mud on the cable bridge, Hyderabad. According to reports, the police mentioned the eruption of the guide for the accident.

 According to relationships in the news portal, according to the reports, the police presented a case against the actor pursuant to Article 336 of the Criminal Code in India and the law of motor vehicles 184 for the conduct and negligence of the eruption .  However, the police did not launch any statement officially on this. For now, these are just simple relationships.

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While all these voices appear, the family of friends, friends, PR and Telangana de Sai Dharam Tej, Tallangi Srinivas Yadav, have requested all those who do not sprease any false voice for the eruption guide, since it is only an accident .

Lakshmi Manchu who visited Tempident of Sai Dharam, asked for her health with doctors. Later, she took him to her Twitter of her and reacted to the reports on social networks on the accident.  The actress wrote on the tweet, "Tej is a responsible citizen, I know. He never acted against the rules at any time. It was due to the mud on the road. Now he is fine, therefore, no voices spread, and pray to God for its prompt healing.”

Sharing the perception of the unfortunate accident of the actor on the cable bridge, yesterday, the police of Madhapur declared that you know Dharam Tej wore his helmet and was not drinking alcohol, but a lost balance when his Skate by bicycle due to the mud.

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