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Taapsee Pannu starts cricket biopic Shabaash Mithu in a whole new way: Washing away memories of the past

Taapsee participating in sports film…Know more…

Monday, 13th September 2021

For the inexperienced, Taapsee is an essay on Shabaash Mithu by Mithali Raj, the captain of the Indian cricket team. The actress will start a two-month schedule today. With the addition of new directors, she will start from the beginning.

Prior to this, cricket biopics were directed by Rahul Dholakia. However, the pandemic had a devastating effect and caused Dholakia to withdraw from the project. Now that director Srijit Mukherji has joined, as today’s shooting schedule begins, the film is back on track.

Taapsee revealed to MidDay that she is approaching the movie in a whole new way. The actress said: "I am always in a dilemma whether to get the game right or to focus on her behavior and body language on the court. But for (Mithali Raj), information is the most important."

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Taapsee, under the leadership of Supervisor Srijit, revealed her new approach: "These parts are about getting her on the international roster. Now, Srijit wants me to learn what I don’t have according to Rahul’s commission. He wants me to improve my behavior. I washed away my previous memories and thought it was the basic training of the movie. Let us now dive into the details of the game. "

Taapsee Pannu also knows terms related to cricket and women."

She added, "If I hold a bat during a friendly game, I can feel the men saying,'I want to show her now. 'They either dismissed the woman holding the bat or wanted to put her down. When facing an actress, I cannot imagine what Mithali experienced during her journey. It must have been an arduous journey for women's cricket to where it is today. "

Taapsee hopes to live up to expectations, but hopes she has more time to train for this film. She concluded: "I hope our story will change things for the next generation."

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