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Amarinder Singh Wants Farmer Protests Moved to Delhi from Punjab, Said State Economy Hit

Amarinder Singh wants farmer protest to move to Delhi

Tuesday, 14th September 2021

Chief Minister of Punjab Amarinder Singh on Monday urged the farmers protesting against the three contentious farm laws passed by the Centre, to shift their demonstrations to Delhi from Punjab. It was hindering the progress of the state, according to Singh, who, while addressing a function in Hoshiarpur, said that the state has done all it could to support the farmers.

According to Singh, the State Assembly has passed bills contesting the three farm laws and said, “The protests have started affecting farming operations. We passed Bills, but the Governor is yet to give assent to the Bills. Farmers are sitting in protest in 113 places in Punjab. Shift the protests to Delhi or Haryana. Protesting in Punjab will have an impact on our economy.”

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Singh said, the participants of the protests ought to now shift focus on the “Union government” in New Delhi and leave the state and its administration of their movement.

He said, “If you want to build pressure on the Union government, then shift your protest to Delhi. Do not disturb Punjab with your protests.” These comments from the Punjab leader elicited barbed responses from the Opposition.

Singh was rebuffed by leaders like Haryana Home Minister Anil Vij of the BJP and former Union minister HarsimratKaur of Punjab's ShiromaniAkali Dal (SAD).

Vij wrote on a social media post, “it's an irresponsible statement. It proves that it was Amarinder Singh who provoked the farmers.”

The AamAadmi Party said that the Punjab CM is now seemingly siding with the Prime Minister whose government is responsible for the passing of the three laws in the first place.

Singh had been part of the campaign himself and was seen some time back leading protest marches against the three farm laws that have irked thousands of farmers across the nation and caused them to take to the streets. Farmers especially from the states of Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh have been participating in silent protests by seating themselves outside the border of Delhi for months together now.

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