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Is Covid 22 For Real? Several Other Allied Rumours Busted

Covid-22 detailed updates

Tuesday, 14th September 2021

What is Covid 22? Is it a real threat?

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc, rumors and misinformation are also doing the rounds. Among these are reports about newer and more potent variants of the virus, the latest being those of a bigger and deadlier threat being posed by ‘Covid 22’.


What started the news about ‘Covid 22’?

Covid 22 was much talked about on social media after an associate professor of Systems and Synthetic Immunology at the university ETH Zurichstarted issuing caution about new and more contagious variants of Covid-19. The scholar’s words started being misinterpreted and blown out of proportion on social media.


Why are these mere rumors and nothing else?

As of now, there is no corroborative evidence to possibilities of a threat from Covid-22. It has been set aside as a huge social media hoax. Experts and scientists opine that there is little chance that super variants may emerge of Covid-19 may explode into something like Covid-22.


The actual truth

Professor Sai Reddy from Zurich, whose words were initially misconstrued, went on to set the record straight by asserting that his words were not only misreported but there is also no scientific backing to the pandemic snowballing into Covid-22. He clarified that all he meant was, if the contagion is not controlled by adequate vaccinations, the virus may turn more virulent by 2022.


Are there possibilities of seeing more variants in the days to come?

With Beta, Delta, and Delta Plus variants already posing threats and contributing to a surge in infections, there is little likelihood of more variants emerging. However, Prof Reddy’s words cannot be completely oversight as he was right when he said that if certain factors are not controlled, the pandemic could get more dangerous.


How can we control variants?

From our experience so far, it can be inferred that the only way to curb or stop variants from getting the better of us is by ramping up vaccinations. Not only will preventive immunization make the chances of getting sicker by the illness, lower, but it will also make it difficult for Covid variants to proliferate.

Hence the priority now is to maximize vaccinations and adhere to Covid-appropriate behavior.


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