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Silicone kitchen utensils: How safe and effective?

Using Silicone utensils is good or not…Learn more…

Tuesday, 14th September 2021

The collection of kitchen utensils has changed dramatically from the sunrise of time. With the time they change, even the designs of kitchen utensils are changing.  Now, kitchen utensil designs are based on the brightness more than comfort.

One of these kitchen utensils is silicone. It is used famous for cooking and the purpose of cooking. This set of bright and beautiful cook has inserted all the houses in the world in shapes like flexible molds, cakes, muffin cups, ice molds, etc.

However, a demand on tolerance to heat has always been a concern. This also leads to safety and health precautions.

 Silicone kitchen utensils, what is it? 

 Is a synthetic rubber that is performed by a silicon, oxygen and carbon amalgamation that is attached to a certain proportion. However, these elements are natural and safe to use.

This kitchen utensil is heat, free freezer and secure oven, but the temperature cannot exceed 428 degrees Fahrenheit or 220 Celsius. Silicon is not toxic, not recycled and is not even biodegradable.

According to a report published in the time of India, the Dietitian Swati Bathwal expressed concern for the use of silicone kitchen utensils.

 SWATI says: "With the influx of different types of kitchen utensils on the market, the silicone kitchens entered the larger image, especially in the case of cooking. Silicone kitchen utensils are basically a silicone rubber product And oxygen, which is safe in the kitchen. It is a better choice for cooking and cooking from aluminum, stainless steels, non-slip trays. However, I would choose cast iron on any other kitchen tool.

But when it comes to cooking, silicone It works very well as a substitute instead of bicarbonate, especially for low-fat cooking, as it is free toxic and easy to clean.  However, I suggest using high quality food silicone kitchen tools to ensure that chemicals are not fixed on food. "

 Good to use silicone infused kitchen utensils?

 Used silicone kitchen utensils widely in the world and is the most popular. Several studies have shown that if the temperature is not violated and used well within the temperature of established heat temperature It leaves no silicone residues. However, lower quality silicone can leave the residues behind, but it would be a very low level and will not be caused health problems.

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