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Wednesday, 15th September 2021

Heart failure is one of the growing concerns worldwide. When the heart turns weak, it cannot pump blood the way it should and therefore cannot supply blood to the other organs of the body. An advanced form of heart failure stands for a magnified manifestation of this rather fatal condition in case of which the conventional heart-based therapies and symptom interpretation and management strategies aren’t applicable any longer. Since heart failure is progressive in nature and worsens with time, it is highly necessary to understand the causes and symptoms of heart failure and seek early medical assistance to stop it from progressing.


Dyspnea- This is shortness of breath during physical exertion, during rest, or even in sleep. Person dyspnea may find it pretty difficult to lie flat on the back and might need some kind of prop to support the upper body. This condition is triggered by the backing up of blood in the pulmonary veins.


Wheezing/persistent coughs- Wheezing or a persistent cough that results in light pinkish, bloody mucous is a symptom of blood failure. The condition is triggered by fluid buildup in the lungs


Fatigue-Tiredness and fatigue are also symptoms of heart failure. The person tends to feel utterly exhausted all the time. As the heart fails to pump blood to the organs adequately, the body tends to divert the flow of blood from lesser important organs including limb muscles to more important organs such as the brain and heart. That actually causes tiredness.


Edema- Edema or swollen limbs, joints, tummy is a symptom of heart failure and is the result of fluid retention in the tissues of the body. When the pumping rate of the heart drops, blood tries returning to the heart thereby causing fluids to collect in the tissues.


Low appetite and nausea- Drop-in appetite and nausea are other symptoms. Reduced flow of blood to the digestive system slows it down and causes these symptoms.


Heart palpitations- This is another symptom making one feel that their heart is beating faster than normal.


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