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Hybrid Immunity- What it Means and How Does it Help Those Who Were Infected by Covid-19?

Details about Hybrid Immunity

Wednesday, 15th September 2021

Do people, once infected with the coronavirus, still need their vaccine jabs?

While experts state that people who have recovered from the illness gain a certain level of natural immunity against the virus and are shielded against it to a certain extent, health authorities continue to urge recuperated patients to get their vaccine shots nevertheless.

This is because vaccines provide an additional layer of protection and thus considerably bring down the chances of reinfections and spread of the virus.


What is hybrid immunity against Covid-19?

Hybrid immunity has also been dubbed as ‘superhuman immunity’ and refers to the combined immunity that a body gains from being infected naturally as well as from a vaccine. Hence, if people get their vaccine shots after having recovered from the illness, they are said to have developed hybrid immunity.


Are you really protected after gaining natural immunity from a Covid-19 infection?

Once infected by the novel coronavirus, people are likely to develop a certain level of naturally induced immunity against the virus. However, the longevity of this immune response that is triggered when a body’s immune system recognizes the virus produces antibodies and brings down chances of reinfection, is yet to be ascertained.

Studies have shown that this naturally acquired immunity has lasted about six months to a year in people who had once been infected by the virus. Moreover, the immunity has been seen to have got boosted after receiving their vaccine doses.


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How does vaccine-induced immunity work?

Once a person receives their vaccine shots, the body’s immune system is able to recognize the inactive virus particles or spike protein and sets off immune responses. These lead to potential inflammations, which can even spread to other parts of the body. In the meantime, the body also produces antibodies that go on to build a lasting immunity against the actual SARs-COV-2 virus.


When and why should you get a Covid-19 vaccine after recovery?

It is recommended by experts that people should get their vaccine doses three months after recovery from the illness as the natural immunity is believed to peak for around 90 days post-infection before it starts to diminish.


Does it bring down chances of reinfection?

Studies suggest people with both natural and vaccine-induced immunity are better guarded against the virus.

However, there is still research going on to ascertain how beneficial the c=vaccines are for those who have not been infected by the virus.


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