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Sepsis is likely to cause more deaths when compared to deaths by Heart Attacks, Cancer by the year 2050, state the Experts

Sepsis-related death predictions by experts

Thursday, 16th September 2021

Sepsis, a life-taking complication might be the direct outcome of the irrational usage of antibiotics. It can lead to more deaths by the year 2050. Sepsis happens to be a syndromic response that the body has towards some kind of infection and is often a common and final route to death from several infectious health disorders worldwide as per the World Health Organization.


A research paper was published in Lancet Journal in the year 2017 declaring that there had been 48.9 million sepsis cases and about 11 million sepsis-triggered deaths globally, accounting for nearly 20% of the net global deaths. The study further revealed that India comes to have a pretty higher sepsis-triggered demise rate, a life-taking organ failure response to various infections than the other South Asian countries of the globe except for Afghanistan.


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“Sepsis will kill more people than cancer or heart attack by 2050 — it is going to be the biggest killer. Also in developing countries like India, multi-drug resistance due to gross overuse of antibiotics is probably causing higher mortality,” stated Yatin Mehta, Chairman of the Institute of Critical Care and Anaesthesiology, Medanta — The Medicity, Gurugram.


The reason for this is that sepsis could be induced by several common diseases like malaria, dengue, UTIs, and even diarrhea.


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