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Maniram Dewan: India’s first tea planter and freedom fighter during the 1857 war

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Thursday, 16th September 2021

The great contribution of legendary figures such as Maniram Dewan, the pioneer tea plantation in India.

India grows 1,400 kilograms of tea every year and is the undisputed country of firewood lovers. The ubiquitous teacup is an informal and underrated symbol of attachment. Chapter

You don't believe it? Go to a teahouse in Byrons, India, and you will find two strangers endlessly connected in a cup of hot tea. Every time a guest passes by.

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Chai is probably the most common drink. It is also a convenient antidote to all our problems-from sleepiness to headaches to stress.

 As a chai lover, I can continue to talk about this humble drink and its various preparation processes in different parts of India.

India is a carpet made from different types of tea, such as masala tea, green tea, lemon tea, ginger tea, elaichi, etc. But do you know the great contribution of the legendary man who created the Indian tea plantation?

The credit for the promotion of this tea is of course attributed to the British East India Company, but the credit for introducing the tea to the British who relied on China at the time was Maniram Datta Barua, also known as Maniram Dewan.

 The first tea farmer, Maniram, was born in the Jorhat district of Assam in 1806 and introduced the tea produced by the Singhpo tribe to the British officer Robert Bruce. Robert was the agent of Ahom King Purandar Singha, who was looking for a substitute for Chinese tea in the 1820s.

 A Tea Ceremony Martyr

The Maniram family immigrated from Kannauj to Assam in the 16th century. Members of his family held important positions in the Kingdom of Ahom. However, between 1817 and 1826, the family took refuge in Bangladesh during the Burmese invasion.

After the Anglo-Burmese War ended, the Kingdom of Ahong, which later belonged to the ruler of Burma, was conquered by the British. During this period, Manilam and his family became close friends of the British.

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