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iPhone 13 Series Most Expensive in Brazil and India, Cheapest in the United States

iPhone 13 prices in countries across the globe…Get the details…

Friday, 17th September 2021

Apple Inc.’s latest offering, the iPhone 13 series was released yesterday. However, the series comprising of the iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max have been priced differently in different parts of the world.


India and Brazil are two of the regions where the starting price of the device is most exorbitant compared to other parts of the globe.

The iPhone 13 however, can be availed at much cheaper rates in the United States of America. The primary reason behind this is that certain US states are not levying (such as Delaware) added taxes, making them the cheapest option to buy the model.


Meanwhile, the South American country of Brazil again happens to be the place where the Apple device will need to be bought at its highest price mainly because of the country’s high taxation system and poor currency rates (1 U.S. dollar is equivalent to 5.26 reais). Having said that, these prices are about $100 cheaper than last year’s iPhone prices.


To be fair, however, countries like Turkey are selling the iPhone at more expensive rates if one was to take the model or storage version into consideration.

While the brand new iPhone 13 Pro Max that comes with a 1TB storage space, will cost customers $1,599 in the United States, the price of the same model will shoot up to $2,950.45 if they were to purchase it in Brazil.


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The crux of the matter is, if you are looking to buy the shiny new iPhone 13 mini or even the regular model, your cheapest option would be if you bought it in countries like the United States, Hong Kong, Canada, Thailand, and Japan.

On the other hand, you will end up coughing up twice the amount, if not more, if you buy it in countries like Brazil, Turkey, Sweden, Hungary, or Italy.


The stark differences in prices of the iPhone 13 series, however, have nothing to do with Apple. In most instances, what drives up the prices of these commodities coming from outside a particular region, are the internal laws of the region.


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