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Exclusive: Suriya and Siva’s next performance is expected to be held in February; Rajinikanth also wants to work with the director again

Rajinikanth want towork with director siva…Know more…

Friday, 17th September 2021

He is currently working on the final editing of Rajinikanth's Diwali publication Annaatthe. According to our sources, this movie turned out to be a perfect artist with a sense of humor.

 In fact, Rajinikanth watched this movie recently and was shocked by the content. “He liked the movie very much, so he went to see Siva immediately after the screening and asked him to work together,” the source said.

 Those who have watched this film say that Annat’s content is consistent with the Mutthu published on Diwali in 1995, which is considered to be one of the milestones in Rajini’s career. "Of course, Siva cannot refuse Thalaivar's request and is exploring various topics for his next project with Rajini," the source added.

 Although Rajini wants to work with Siva as soon as possible, the problem is that the filmmaker has decided to make a movie with Suriya. "Siva and Suriya have planned a four-year cooperation, and things are finally moving in the right direction. The basic requirements have been completed. It is a commercial rural drama by Siva and his team. If everything goes according to plan, Suriya and Siva will start shooting the movie in February after the actors have completed their current engagement," the source said.

 So what is the problem? "Suriya and Rajini both hope to collaborate with Siva from early 2022 Shoot a movie, now Siva decides his next movie after Annaatthe. The filmmaker is the one who needs it now, and while looking for collaborations with Rajini and Suriya, he tries to sort the timetable so that both projects can proceed. By November, we will get 100% clarity, but by then, the focus seems to be on the Suriya movie starring Siva, which will start in early 2022,” the source explained.

 At the same time, Thala Ajith is also looking forward to seeing Siva again, but there is still a period of time when he and #Thala61 will be scheduled to mid-2022, directed by H Vinoth and produced by Boney Kapoor.

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