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Indian Hockey Team’s Performance at Tokyo Exonerates FIH’s Partiality Toward India

About Indian Hockey team’s performance at Tokyo

Monday, 20th September 2021

There may be good news for the International Hockey Federation (FIH) after the recently concluded Tokyo Olympics and the sport may just have found its place of honour back in the Games.

Hockey has been fighting for its place in the Olympics ever since 2013 when it had all but lost its spot. However, the recent performance by both the men’s and women’s teams at Tokyo has clinched its position in future Games.

The international body’s chief executive Thierry Weil said, “There is far more attention on hockey now in India. And that is good for international hockey, good for the FIH.”

However, eight years ago, things were not all rosy for Hockey as, a few months after the completion of London Olympics, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) reviewed all 26 sports on its programme back then. The review was done on the basis of 39 criteria that included popularity, TV ratings and ticket sales. Based on their findings, they were to eliminate the worst performing sports on their list of criteria. Back then, it was hockey that narrowly scraped through and made it to Tokyo.

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The FIH, the led by Leandro Negre, a Spanish hockey Olympian turned to India for and to help. He said in 2013 after the vote, “India is very important in keeping world hockey alive.”

However, in India too, the sport was in the doldrums having finished 12th out of 12 teams in London. 

The two bodies then came together and FIH took upon itself to organise one major tournament each year in a different country and even went as far as making cuts to accommodate India in important international tournaments.

The Indian team soon got the exposure it needed playing with big international names and went on to win the junior men’s World Cup in 2016. Some of the players from that team went on to join the Olympic squad that brought home a bronze medal in Tokyo.

Today, India’s Narinder Batra in the president of the FIH and most of their sponsors are Indian companies.

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