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YSR Gains Landslide Victory in Assembly Polls on Andhra Pradesh

YSR makes record victory in Andhra Pradesh Elections

Monday, 20th September 2021

The YSR Congress Party in Andhra Pradesh has clinched a roaring victory in the recently held elections to ZillaParishads Territorial Constituencies (ZPTCs) ZillaParishad and MandalParishads Territorial Constituencies (MPTCs).

The votes were counted on Sunday and the final results were declared at 2am on September 20. According to the final figures, the Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy led YuvajanSramikaRythu (YSR) Congress Party has registered 502 ZPTCs out of 515 seats.

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The YSR Congress which was formed not more than ten years ago, managed to win up to 74 of the 75 municipalities and nagarpanchayats in the state and secured all 12 municipal corporations in the polls.

Back in 2019, the party had won 151 out of 175 seats in the Assembly and 22 seats out of 25 in the LokSabha during the general elections.

The YSRCP also secured a huge number of constituencies at the MPTC level by winning in 5,998 constituencies out of 10047.

Meanwhile, the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) which is the primary opposition party and is led by former chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu, could win only 826 Mandal constituencies. The party got all but wiped out from the southern state after it managed to secure only six ZillaParishad constituencies.

The elections for the MandalParishads and ZillaParishads had been concluded on April 8 with 515 ZPTCs and 7,220 MPTCs having gone for polls. While the results were earlier scheduled to be declared on April 10, the Andhra Pradesh High Court had stalled the counting. This was after the filing of petitions by the Telugu Desam Party and the BJP, among others.

The opposition parties collectively opined that the mandatory Model Code of Conduct period was not taken into consideration from the date of announcement of the poll schedule.

However, a division bench of the High Court gave its approval for the counting of votes on September 16.

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