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Dengue, The Next Dangerous Viral Fever to Beware of During Covid-19 Pandemic

Dengue Fever.

Tuesday, 21st September 2021

It's been longer than 18 months since the pandemic hit us, and COVID19 is still particularly among us. The truth will surface eventually what's in store for us. While India keeps on managing a critical number of COVID cases, there is abruptly a flood in vector-borne infections, particularly Dengue, in numerous states. The Indian province of Uttar Pradesh is the most exceedingly awful influenced, where kids are getting the sickness all the more frequently. As of late, authorities from ICMR referenced that the D2 or DENV-2 strain of Dengue was found in specific regions of UP. Specialists propose that the Dengue infection serotype two (D2) is more destructive and harmful. Mumbai alone recorded 144 instances of Dengue in August, 85 in the principal half of September till the twelfth; information has shown that there have been around 305 cases in the city since January 2021.


These numbers just disclose to us that we should be exceptionally careful of this illness. All the more so in light of the fact that we are as yet fighting the Covid, and there are potential possibilities of a twofold disease. Indeed, many individuals are getting conceded to the emergency clinic with manifestations of both COVID19 and Dengue, which can be hazardous.


There are four sorts of Dengue infection (DENV) known to humanity. Logical information says that the infection entered the human populace from monkeys years and years prior. This influenza-like ailment is endemic in nations across Asia, Africa, the Pacific, the Americas, the Caribbean, and so forth.


Transmission of Dengue

Dengue occurs through the nibble of a tainted mosquito of the sort Aedes, either the Ae aegypti or Ae Albopictus species. These equivalent mosquitoes are the specialists of spreading the Zika and Chikungunya infection. On the off chance that a pregnant lady contracts dengue, the infection can without much of a stretch give to the hatchling during the term of pregnancy or labor. However uncommon, the sickness may likewise spread through organ gift and blood bonding.


Symptoms of Dengue

With Coronavirus in our existence these days, one may confuse the Coronavirus contamination with dengue as well as the other way around. Notwithstanding, there are a few manifestations exclusively for every one of the two diseases. For instance, an absence of smell and taste is an indication of Coronavirus and not dengue. Essentially, looseness of the bowels is more normal in dengue contrasted with Coronavirus, which is a respiratory disease. The seriousness of dengue separates the illness into gentle dengue fever, dengue haemorrhagic fever, and dengue shock disorder.


Mild Dengue Fever

The side effects can go from joint and muscle hurts, high fever, body rash, successive regurgitating, and extraordinary migraine. These side effects for the most part vanish with treatment in a week and are once in a while deadly.


Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever

There is draining in the gums, nose, mouth, low blood platelets count, inner dying, loose bowels, spasms, blood spots on the skin, extraordinary fever, moist skin, and stomach torment. Without appropriate clinical consideration, the circumstance can raise to being deadly.


Dengue Shock Syndrome

The most extreme and is frequently deadly. Here exhibitory signs incorporate low circulatory strain, powerless and fast heartbeat thump, mind oedema prompting visual/hear-able fantasies, cerebral anoxia (no oxygen arriving at the cerebrum), substantial dying, high fever, regurgitating, intense stomach torment, and so on


An antibody is accessible yet with restricted accomplishment for this viral sickness. The patient should remain hydrated. It is ideal to look for a meeting from a specialist and stay under their course of clinical treatment. On the off chance that the circumstance is significant, hospitalization might be essential.


  • Try not to permit water to gather in plant pots, containers, or any open region in your home. Clean the plant pot plates each substitute day in any event. The mosquitoes lay their eggs in water as the hatchling is amphibian
  • Avoid open channels, stale water; they're the ideal mosquito favorable places
  • Apply mosquito repellants or wear covered garments while heading outside
  • Use mosquito nets and showers at home, shut windows and entryways in the evening
  • Eat new home-cooked suppers, remember green verdant vegetables for your eating routine to construct insusceptibility


These are a couple of approaches to fortify our safeguard against the illness and check the radically expanding cases. All things considered, counteraction is in every case better compared to fix.


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