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05 Most Powerful Animal Bites on the Planet

Know the bite force of Animals

Wednesday, 22nd September 2021

1. Saltwater Crocodile

Crocodile Bite Force: 3,700 PSI

Erickson and his team used a specially developed biting force transducer between the jaws of various crocodile specimens, which he compares to "an expensive bathroom scale" coated in "protective layers of bullhide." A 17-foot saltwater croc recorded the greatest pressure value of 3,700 PSI. Erickson claims that the bite force is the strongest ever recorded, “beating a 2,980-PSI number for a 13-foot wild American alligator.”

The team's research, in particular, allows for estimates of bite-force strength in now-extinct crocodiles documented in the fossil record, such as 40-footers capable of generating 23,000 pounds of force. In a 2017 study, Erickson calculated that Tyrannosaurus rex had a bite force of roughly 8,000 PSI, which is higher than previous estimations.


2. Great White Shark

Bite Force of a Great White Shark: 4,000 PSI

A team of Australian scientists led by Steve Wroe estimated in 2008 that a 21-foot great white shark can exert over 4,000 PSI of bite force using sophisticated computer modelling based on several x-ray pictures of shark skulls. Because the bite force of a shark is strongly dependent on its size, the much more common 11- to 15-foot great whites would have far less bite force than a croc of same size.


3. Hippopotamus

Hippopotamus Bite Force: 1,800 PSI

Hippos have the strongest jaws of any ruminant on the planet, with tusks that may grow two feet long, a mouth that extends 180 degrees, and a bite that can smash an entire watermelon like a grape. Hippos are territorial and potentially aggressive animals that are particularly antagonistic to crocodiles, with reports that they can bite a 10-foot croc in half. Females have a bite force of 1,800 PSI, but males have apparently proven too violent to test.

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4. Jaguar

Jaguar Bite Force: 1,500 PSI

The largest cat in the Americas is also the strongest biter of any wild feline. Unlike all other cats, which mostly go for the throat to dispatch their prey, the jaguar kills by biting its victim’s skull and is capable of puncturing a turtle’s shell with its teeth.


5. Gorilla

Gorilla Bite Force: 1,300 PSI

The large neck and jaw muscles, rather than the teeth, provide the gorilla one of the strongest biting forces in the ape kingdom. Yes, gorillas are herbivores, but their diet consists of far more difficult items than bananas: their strong molars allow them to chew heavy shoots, bark, nuts, tubers, and other fibrous foods. Long, sharp canines are largely for show in adult males.


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