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Wednesday, 22nd September 2021

Athirappilly Falls, located in Kerala’s Thrissur district, is the largest of waterfalls in the state. The Chalakudy River feeds the waterfall. The destination is utterly stunning in terms of beauty. Athirappilly Falls, over the years, have drawn the attention of foreign tourists and Bollywood movie makers alike. In recent times, this waterfall has turned out to be a vital part of the state’s tourism due to its amazing scenic beauty.


Here is a guide to the falls to let your tour:


The falls are within Thrissur’sSholayar Reserve Forest Area about 40kms from the Airport of Kochi and about 30km from Chalakudy Railway Station. The falls are fed by the Chalakudy River originating from the Anamalai Hills of Tamil Nadu.



During the early 80s, the Athirappilly Falls were still quite unexplored. Very few were aware of the Fall’s existence but people learned about this very beautiful fall after a hydroelectric project was launched in this region by the government. The waterfall was later featured in the 1986 Tamil movie PunnagaiMannan. An iconic suicide scene was shot at this spot. And that’s the way this waterfall started becoming popular with the tourists. Since then, the Athirappilly Falls have been showcased in movies like Dil Se, Guru, Raavan, and also in the latest blockbuster movie Bahubali.


Reaching the Falls

You can hire a cab from the Kochi Airport to reach the Falls. It takes about 2 hours to reach the Falls by road from the airport. If you are coming via the Chalakudy Railway Station you can board state-run buses to reach the Falls within an hour. If you wish to drive to the Falls, that too is possible. The route runs through tea gardens and dense forests and presents you with magical beauty. The administration and management of the waterfalls are looked after by the Forest Department. Tickets are needed to visit the site of the Falls. For the Indians, the ticket price is Rs 30 and for foreign tourists, the ticket price is Rs 100/-.


Some more facts

The Falls drop from an elevation of 82 ft and come with a width of 330ft. there are also two other smaller waterfalls, namely Charpa waterfall and Vazhachal waterfall around. You can also visit those once you get your ticket.


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