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Coronavirus is a kind of virus that causes heart (Covid-19) India Live News: WHO Director-General sends a thank-you tweet to India's "vaccine maitri"; China closes down Harbin due to a new outbreak

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Wednesday, 22nd September 2021

First, some good news: for the second day in a row, India has reported fewer than 30,000 cases. According to Wednesday's health bulletin, India had more recoveries than new cases in the last 24 hours, with 26,964 persons testing positive. According to government data, 383 Covid deaths occurred in India in a single day. The total number of active cases in the country is 3,01,989. This is the lowest level in the country in 186 days. At 97.77 percent, the national recovery rate has been recorded.

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Now for some global vaccine news. While the WHO and other governments have applauded India's recent decision to resume exports of Covid-19 vaccines, a "recognition contagion" is forming. Clauses that do not recognise Covid injections from other countries are being introduced or reenforced by global authorities. India, the world's largest vaccine manufacturer, is having difficulty convincing others to accept the Covishield vaccines. If countries like the UK refuse to recognise SII-produced Covishield, a top MEA official has warned that ‘reciprocal' measures will be taken. Meanwhile, Washington has yet to say whether it will take the AstraZeneca vaccines. This strategy not only creates confusion, but it also stymies the task of increasing vaccine equity.


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