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Congress Demands Dismissal of Bihar Deputy CM Tarkeshwar Prasad Over Corruption Allegations

Corruption charges against Tarakeshwar Prasad…learn more…

Thursday, 23rd September 2021

The Congress party has demanded the dismissal of Tarkeshwar Prasad, deputy chief minister of Bihar after investigative reports were out revealing Prasad’s involvement in one of Bihar’s flagship schemes that doled out contracts worth Rs 56crore to his own household, aides and associates.

According to the probe, Prasad and his kin were in receipt of 36 contracts under the state’s flagship scheme ‘HarGharNalKaJal’ amounting to Rs 56 crore.

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Congress chief RandeepSurjewala stated in a press release, “It is not HarGharNalKaJalYojana but HarNetaThekaYojana (Contract for every leader scheme).”

Surjewala also said, “BJP legislature party leader and Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar Tarkishore Prasad’s daughter-in-law, his brother-in-law and his colleagues have been given 36 contracts worth Rs 56 crore and Modiji, Naddaji and Nitishbabu are saying everything is fine,” and calling for Prasad’s ouster, added, “Does such a Deputy Chief Minister have any ethical proper to proceed in workplace even for a day? Tarkishore Prasad ought to resign or be sacked.”

Surjewala also enumerated particulars of the contracts that had been awarded to the Deputy Chief Minister’s family members including his daughter in law, as well as a company which has Prasad’s Brother in law and his wife as directors.

The Congress leader was said in outrage, “Isn’t this a conflict of interest? Shouldn’t Tarkishore Prasad resign immediately? Shouldn’t J P Nadda seek his resignation immediately? Shouldn’t Modiji and AmitShahji come forward and speak against corruption? Why is Nitish Kumar silent? Shouldn’t he take action?”

He went on to jeer the BJP and said they should change their nomenclature and call themselves “BhayankarGhotala Party (party ridden with scams).”

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