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5 Most Haunted Places in Chennai

Haunted Places

Friday, 24th September 2021

Great sanctuaries, lovely seashores, jasmine, dosa, and sambar, and focuses of authentic and social importance – indeed, this load of things would help you to remember Chennai. In any case, did you additionally realize that there is no deficiency of tormented spots in Chennai? Indeed, you read that right! Look at the full rundown of the absolute spookiest spots in Chennai and reveal to us the number of these spots have you known about.


For the obscure, a portion of the apparition stories in Chennai can send a shudder down your spine, paying little heed to the way that you are a devotee or a non-adherent. Indeed, Chennai is even home to whole areas that have been deserted for quite a long time since they are accepted to be spooky and powerless against occurrences that can horrify the greater part of us. Look at a portion of the creepy places here.


Karikattukuppam, ECR

The first on the rundown is Karikattu Kuppam, which has been one of the most noticeably awful hits Tsunami zones in 2004. Before long this episode, the spot began acquiring its scandalous standing of being home to shocking and creepy events. Because of the Tsunami, many were dead here and more than 1000 individuals were left destitute. For those of you who don't have the foggiest idea, this spot is brimming with deserted houses and abandoned structures, which give creepy energy! Many individuals around, as the reports have it, are of the conviction that the spot is spooky by the spirits of the people who passed on in the Tsunami. Do you accept this as well?


Broken Bridge, Besant Nagar

At any point caught wind of the spooky stories around this extension in Chennai? Indeed, despite the fact that it is considered a spooky spot today, it was at first worked to associate anglers with the ocean. Be that as it may, it couldn't stand the solid waves, separated and along these lines, has been passed on to demolish since the time then, at that point. According to the reports, a few dead bodies without I-cards have been recuperated on various events here. Individuals try not to go to this spot after sunset. Many individuals remembering the anglers for the space have had stated in the past that they have heard a howling lady around evening time. What do you think?


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De Monte Colony

This spot is very famous as a film of an equivalent name shows how four companions choose to visit a flimsy chateau in De Monte Colony, which is reputed to be spooky and endure spine-chilling encounters. This settlement was set up by a Portuguese money manager De Monte. He carried on with a troubled existence with his insane spouse, a few reports recommend. In addition, his child too died under obscure conditions. The state is found right off the clamoring St Mary's Road, and provisions two paths that are lined by trees and incapacitated houses close by. Individuals accept that the spirits of John De Monte and his family torment this province. Indeed, the whole province doesn't have a solitary light.


Anna Flyover

How might we miss this put on the rundown? Very scandalous for apparition sightings and peculiar clamors during the quiet long periods of night and at some point in the day as well, Anna flyover has left a great deal of space for wild minds for individuals. It is, truth be told, known to be one of Chennai's notable self-destruction focuses. All things considered, that clarifies the shocking energy of the spot!


Blue Cross Road

Indeed, even Blue Cross Road is viewed as spooky in Chennai. Indeed, here too there have been a few self-destruction cases. Thus, the creepy energy. Also, as the street is completely covered with trees, it remains incredibly dim around evening time. This horrifies whosoever crosses this path. Reports have it that individuals have detected a human-like animal strolling down the roads here. Would you set out to visit this spot around evening time?


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